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We are grateful to those who supported our refurbishment in 2017 by sponsoring chairs for use in our new Dining Room and teaching rooms.

John Barrett     

Sally Barrett     

Brian & Margaret Beck

Thelma Clear   

Peter Doble - in memory of those who taught me, especially WF Flemington and Gordon Rupp; both scholar-saints at whose feet I sat.

David & Sheila Forth    

Mary Gilson - remembering Nigel's happy years in Cambridge

Paul Glass          

Peter Gutteridge - in memory of my great-grandfather, Michael Gutteridge

Gerald Hainsworth - in memory of my time at Wesley House 1962-64

Richard Harrison            

Christopher Hughes Smith        

Wilfred Jones

David Keep

George Knowles - in memory of Revd Dr S Rodd (Wesley House 1949-1954)

Douglas Maw - in memory of Dr Flew and The Revd WF Flemington

Sebastian Moll - greetings from the Methodist Church in Germany

Tiffany Newsom             

Derek Nicholls

Mary Rycroft    

Michael Rycroft              

Elsie Salmon    

Phyllis Salmon

Catherine Sharpe           

Michael Sharpe               

Diane Smith     

Alan J Walton - in memory of Revd Michael Skinner

J Gordon Wynne             

Larry Yarbrough - in praise and thanksgiving for a life-changing experience

Hazel Yu

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